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A/C Services

When your air conditioner breaks down, it can feel like much more than just an inconvenience. Warm air, low air flow, leaks, bad odors, and loud noises are all signs that you might need a professional to inspect your systems. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified to provide honest, top-quality service when you need us most.

Whether repairing your air conditioner or replacing it outright, we genuinely want to find the best solution to meet your needs while providing a high level of value. We can repair and install all makes and models.


Hudson Heating Company works hard to keep you from being stuck in the cold. If your furnace, boiler, ductless split system, or water heater is operating at less than its best, our technicians offer a quick response time and dependable heating repairs.

We’ve seen it all in our over 60 years of service, so we employ the best techniques in the industry to repair a full range of problems. We can even install new heating systems if yours are showing their age by breaking down regularly and not running as efficiently. Our goal is to keep your energy costs low but your comfort levels high.

Indoor Air Quality

The air that we breathe plays an important role in our overall health, so it is crucial to create a healthy indoor environment in your home. Air that is too dry, too moist, or too full of dust and dirt particles can lead to problems in the long run. Hudson Heating Company carries a range of air purification and moisture control products to keep your air quality at the level that it should be.

From traditional media filters to whole-home systems, we install air quality systems that let you enjoy cleaner air while fitting any budget. Our line of products will protect you from allergens, irritants, foul odors, mold spores, and more.


With Hudson Heating Company, managing your whole home’s HVAC systems is as simple as it can be. Our selection of programmable thermostats gives you greater insight into energy usage as well as more robust control over comfort levels. Many options are available, but each is easy to use with remote access and wifi capabilities. Let us help you transform your home into the most comfortable environment!

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